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A Note on Spring

I wanted to touch base with everyone and give a bit of an update, especially as I’ve held off posting for a couple weeks.  Spring was already off to a rough start between some personal and professional changes that have been taking place (nothing too terrible, I promise!)….and then the COVID-19 situation became the catalyst for some last minute changes here, too.

I was going to be blogging from Europe this spring on the first of several exciting trips I’d planned for 2020.  With the volatility of current events I had decided to cancel the trip several weeks ago, which turned out to be the right decision.  I also decided to postpone some domestic travel.  While not prohibited from traveling domestically (for now) I think it’s my duty to behave as responsibly as possible in the current climate.  This means I’m choosing to do some serious social distancing, which I hope you’re doing as well.

I will still be writing about some of my more recent trips and posting all about them (Belize, Guatemala and more!).  There’s zero need to curb your curiosity about the world, even if you have to do your planning in a daydream for the time being.  This change in pace will also allow me to do some serious work on the lifestyle section of the blog – something that’s been largely overshadowed by the travel portion up until now.

I hope that everyone stays safe and does their part to behave responsibly and with compassion.  Stay safe, stay curious and show some serious love to yourselves and everyone else.


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  1. Kathy French

    March 29, 2020 at 7:43 am

    Lovely article.

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