Hi there! I’m Morgan and I started Baby Got Balance to share my travels and thoughts. Growth is a constant process and I make a conscious effort to learn and expand my world view through traveling.

Want to know more about me? I live in Rhode Island (not an island) and work as a social media strategist and travel advisor. I’m a rescue momma to two pitties and three cats, and I also do some volunteer TNR work with the local feral cat population.  When I’m home I enjoy gardening, doing yoga, drinking wine, studying Japanese and cooking.  I also enjoy a DIY project every now and again, but there is absolutely NOTHING I love more than seeing the world.


For more info on the start of Baby Got Balance you can check out my first post here.  Interested in staying in contact? Sign up for the BGB email newsletter or follow me on Instagram for the newest moves I’m making! If you’re interested in my travel advising services you can head over to my profile on FORA or message me and we can chat!


Remember to dream big and allow all your experiences to expand your heart!