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The Best Apps for Foreign Travel

How did we ever travel without smart phones?  Seriously?!?!  All kidding aside, make sure to put your phone to work for you and help make your life a little easier on your next trip, especially if you’re heading out of the country!  Check out my must-have apps and let me know your favorites if they’re not on the list.



  • XE Currency Converter:  this one doesn’t really need an explanation but it’s wonderful!  I didn’t use a currency converter the last time I was in Japan (I know, I know) and, while it wasn’t a disaster, I could have planned better.  It’s good to note that XE Currency Converter also works offline by using the most recent data for the exchange rate.  This means there’s room for error but it’s still better than flying blind, in my humble opinion.  Download for Android or iOS


  • Google Translate:  this one is key for traveling to places where you don’t speak the language (or don’t speak it well enough).  You can download the language(s) you’re going to use before you go so it will work offline!  It’s also great for reading/highlighting text and translating.  This is a lifesaver!  Download for Android or iOS


  • HERE WeGo:  my personal favorite map app!  My last trip to the Dominican Republic I decided to put this to the test vs. Google Maps (me vs. my husband) and this one was my choice.  Not to trash talk Google Maps, it’s great too, this is just my preference.  It has everything I want in a map app – downloadable maps for offline use, public transit info, methods of transport and more.  Download for Android or iOS



  • WiFi Finder:  you always need WiFi!  This is especially true if you’re traveling to another country and you don’t want to have a million dollar phone bill for cellular data usage outside of your home country (yikes!).  Download for Android or iOS


  • Skypewait just hear me out!  I know you probably love whatsapp and I understand.  I’m just a bit stuck in my ways and have never had an issue with Skype.  Regardless, an app where you can connect via text/phone is always a good thing to have, especially if you’re connecting via free WiFi!  Get Skype for Android or iOS


  • Dropbox:  a must have, especially if you’re working while traveling!  I adore Dropbox and the app helps me to stay on task with work when I travel.  It’s also a great way to back up any photos/videos/work that you have on your phone or other device just in case.  Download for Android or iOS



  • Lightroom CC:  I use Adobe CS for just about everything, however when I’m traveling and I have to choose just one this would be it!  Edit any travel photos right from your phone in a non destructive format.  This isn’t a freebie but if you have an account don’t forget to download before you go!  Download for Android or iOS


  • FlightAware:  this flight tracker will keep you updated real-time on any commercial flight.  You can also choose to receive notifications for gate changes, cancellations and more.  Download for Android or iOS


  • Pocket:  I really like this one for flights and downtime.  You can save articles from any source to read in Pocket and you can even choose what to make available offline!  This has saved me from “gnaw off your own arm” boredom before, but make sure to download what you might want to read while you’re still connected!  Download for Android or iOS


These are all my absolute must-have apps when traveling!  With all the other options available it would be easy to make a mega list, however these are my basics.  I would also highly recommend downloading your airline’s app prior to departure.  I typically plan my trips out in advance (like my recent stay at Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge in the Dominican Republic) so I don’t have any hotel booking apps or the like on the list.


I would love to hear about your favorite, must-have apps for travel!  Please comment and let me know what you can’t live without – I’m always looking to build on my travel took kit.


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