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Week Four: Who Loves Mornings?

If you haven’t noticed this post is a little late!  I did complete the four week challenge however the last week of July and first week of August have been wild for me so I’ve been neglecting my site content.  Apologies!


Last two weeks been like……


I wrapped up the last week of the four (plus a few extra days if you’re looking at it as the month of July vs. four weeks = a month) and it was…..interesting.  I’ll be putting together a recap of my month attempting to adopt a new habit but for now, to hold you over, I present my last week of journals:


Day 22 & 23

(no notes)

Day 24

Late start this morning, zero apologies.  I needed to sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping well (and have been averaging five-six hours per night with interruptions) and I was actually able to sleep last night so that’s exactly what I did.  But by “late start” I mean I got up at 9am.  So comparatively it’s not too late, right?  *sighs while sipping coffee*

Day 25

Mr. BGB is done with the whole project.  I again scheduled early morning vet visits for two of our cats – we needed to be at the vet’s office for 8:15am.  And that required wrangling two cats prior so it was an early (and emotional) morning for all.  Cats are fine, just annual checkups.


Yoshi is also not a morning fan.


Day 26

Got up at 8am…….I’m wondering if this is a new normal for weekends but then I realize that weekends don’t mean much anymore so I can no longer use that as an excuse.

Day 27

Up at 7:15!  I swear every time I get up before 8am it feels like I’m a champion.  Well in retrospect at least.  In the moment it doesn’t feel too great.  Anyways, starting my week off early!

I did it!

Day 28 (technical last day of 4 weeks)

In keeping with my pattern I’ve scheduled an early call this morning with a potential client.  Why?  So I’ll have to get up early!  Figured I’d wrap this little experiment with some dignity.

Days 29, 30 and 31

I’m happy to report that I did not, in fact, go back to sleeping until 9ish even though technically my four weeks were over.  Each day I was up by 8:15, however it varied.  And I was totally cool with that.



If you’ve been following the previous posts on this little experiment (Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3) then you’ve probably noticed my enthusiasm for becoming a morning person draining as the weeks went on.  That being said I’ve certainly noticed some slight changes and I’ll be sharing the full experience soon.

Stay tuned for a full recap of my four week attempt at becoming a morning person!




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