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Week One: Who Loves Mornings?

Not me!  I’m somewhat joking but not entirely.  In case you didn’t see it on Twitter or read my July updates – let me bring you up to speed really quick:  I decided, in honor of my birthday month, to attempt to become a morning person.  It started out as a way to see if a new habit can be adopted in a month and is quickly becoming a way for me to feel like I’m failing at being an adult.

Keep reading for my (edited) daily notes and stay tuned for the next three weekly updates along with my full write up on this fun little experiment.


And so it begins….

Setting up on the evening of June 30th I was ready.  Getting up early?  No problem!  I set my coffee maker to brew at 7AM and set my alarm for 7:15AM.  I figured I would start moderately – usually I prefer to get up about 9AM so 7:15AM seemed like a decent place to start.


Day 1

Uh, about that goal…….I woke up at 8:45AM.  I definitely hit snooze a bunch and didn’t give it a second subconscious thought.  Might have something to do with staying up until past 1AM the previous night but who’s to say?  Feeling like this might not be the most auspicious way to start July but here we are.

I’m going to re-evaluate my bed time rituals as well, I guess.  I might also start a bit smaller tomorrow so it’s less of a miss.  We’ll see!



9am.  A total failure.  In my defense my efforts to rise early were thwarted by none other than Mr. BGB himself.  When my alarm went off this morning on my phone he grabbed it before I woke up and shut it off.  I’ve already informed him that I would be putting him on blast so here it is.  I’m sure it also doesn’t help that, yet again, I’ve gone to bed in the early morning hours so my body is in no way ready to get up.  I’m going to try again tomorrow and will hopefully be going to bed before 1am tonight.  I’m thinking baby steps tomorrow morning.  7:45 sounds like a good place to start.  Ugh.



Ayyyyyyyy!  Woke up at 8am this morning, hopped right into the shower and got half my to-do list done without dragging myself around like a zombie.  Not bad!  Even as I write this I know it’s a false sense of accomplishment but whatever, we’re headed in the right direction.  Cheers to small victories!


DAY 4 & DAY 5

Ok so considering this was the weekend I’ll say that I was awake both days before 8:30am, even going to bed late as I was.  Yes, that’s still a thing.  I will also repeat for those that need to hear it:  I don’t like mornings.


Hey, I didn’t say how close to 8:30 it was…..



So today still feels like the weekend, which means I didn’t get up until 8:30am again today.  I’m reading back and, while it hasn’t been an entire week yet, I’m feeling like I might need to either step up my game or stop lying to myself (and to y’all).  We will see.



Hard pass.

Bellini and I are ALL SET with getting up early today


This week’s conclusion

It’s the end of week one and I’m feeling like a total failure.  I also have not changed my stance on mornings yet, which might be why I haven’t been doing so well with this challenge.  That being said I will own the fact that I also haven’t committed to changing too much of my evening routine, which is totally why I’m not doing well at this.  With that said I’m going to make a (small) incentive for myself each morning, as a way to get up easier:  I’m making sure each morning that I have coffee ready to go for the moment I wake up.  I’ll be completely honest:  this sounds less like a reward and more like a necessary step of my existence but I’m trying to re-frame it in my brain.

I’ll be reporting back in another week about week two.  Wish me luck, y’all.



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