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A Quick Note on Hanging in There


I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate just how ridiculous, challenging and derailing 2020 has been.  I honestly thought I was CRUSHING IT…..until I wasn’t.  I needed to take a step back from just about everything, even BGB, to be able to get my balance back.  It’s been several months of radio silence on my end, without notice, and that’s not the way I wanted it to go but it’s absolutely what I needed.

That being said I’m feeling a slight sense of normalcy again.  I’ve got a ton of new content coming soon and have some changes headed to BGB that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I’m also making an attempt at staying much more in tune with myself as I don’t doubt that the next few months will be just as challenging as the last six or so (or thirty….who’s counting anymore?)

Be well, stay safe and be mindful of your own balance.  Let’s stay in touch!




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