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Week Three: Who Loves Mornings?

In an effort to be completely transparent I will start by saying that I didn’t keep up with my daily notes this past week the same way I did for Week 1 and Week 2.  Well, not entirely….keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

Day 15

(no notes)

Day 16

Up at 6:45 this morning!  Can’t really take too much credit as I had a dentist appointment at 8am…..I did schedule it early though so I guess I knew I had it in me!  Wasn’t too bad but I wish I could have had more coffee before my appointment.

Day 17

Up by 7:15!  Whoo!  Honestly I feel like it’s way easier to ride the early AM wave from yesterday so that’s what I’m doing.  Some coffee on the porch this morning and off to start my day…..who knew?

Tiva = mood in the mornings around here

Day 18

Early again!  I’d like to take full credit for getting up early on a Saturday but it was strategy.  I booked Tiva’s annual vet exam early this morning so I’d have to get up early.  Like that?  Mr. BGB does, in fact, not like that.

Day 19

I guess it’s early for a weekend, at least for me.  Up at 8:30 but I’m not sure why.

Day 20

(no notes)

Day 21

(no notes)



In all honesty this week my drive to complete this month long project dropped.  Like dropped to the floor.  That being said I am finding it much less painful to get up before 8am which has come as somewhat of a pleasant surprise.  I’m also doing little things like intentionally scheduling appointments as early as possible in an effort to keep getting up early (and to keep from wasting the day).  So far so good I suppose?



One week left and we’ll see if July’s been able to make a morning person out of me (or not).

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