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Week Two: Who Loves Mornings?

If you’re new here:  I’m spending the month of July trying to adopt the habit of being a morning person (read about week one here).  You’re officially up to speed and I would like to go on record with my dismay at my choice in this little project.  Here are some notes from week two (curse words removed because I’m considerate):



So it’s looking like 8ish is really the best I can do, at least thus far.  I’m not excited about this anymore and it’s only day eight.  I’m also woman enough to admit that I’m still going to bed too late to realistically change my enthusiasm for the morning alarm.  Hey, at least I’m honest.


Not terrible!  8am start but I’m not dragging too much.  It is kind of nice to be up before it gets too hot so I can get a few things done outside in the garden.  I am also coming to the realization that I’m not changing my habits enough to technically qualify I suppose….I mean, going from 9am to 8:15am doesn’t really a morning person make.  Ugh.

DAY 10

I was up rather early this morning (7:30, whatever that’s early for me) because I had a meeting with a prospective client at noon that I wanted to continue to prepare for.  I am already penciling in a nap this afternoon though because I also stayed up past 2am prepping for said meeting.  I am feeling as though I don’t actually have my life as together as I would like because this is turning out to be harder than expected.  As I type this out I can feel all the actual morning folks rolling their eyes but it is what it is.


There is no color in the morning…..

DAY 11

It’s the weekend so no.

DAY 12

Still no.  There’s a general sense of malaise that has taken over my outlook on this experiment.  I have not the will nor fortitude for such a commitment.

DAY 13

It’s my birthday!  I get up at 8:30 without an alarm (perhaps as a reaction to above mentioned malaise?) and feel pretty good about it.  I also knew to prep accordingly the night before and had some cold brew waiting in the fridge…..that I just put Kahlua in.  Again, it is my birthday.

DAY 14

I got up at 7:15 this morning.  Yes, for no other reason than I’m doing this experiment.  Remember how I said I would have coffee ready each morning as a small “reward” for doing so?  I sat outside, no technology, and enjoyed my coffee and the birds chirping.  It was actually refreshing!  Maybe this is what I need to be doing to make myself want to change.


no one likes mornings in this house, not even Tiva


This week’s conclusion

It was a pretty rocky start for week two, I won’t lie.  I almost said “forget this” and scrapped the whole thing, however I don’t want to resign myself to not trying…’s just a month after all!  I feel like there’s some light at the end of this past week, though.  I don’t just need coffee (*ahem* a “reward”) to set the morning right.  I need to re-frame how I’m approaching this and need to take those little early morning moments and make them mine.  For myself.  Sit for 10 or 15 minutes, drink my coffee, keep out of my inbox and off of social media and just chill.  So that’s what I’m going to do and we’ll see how it goes!  Check back next week for my week three update to see if this optimism holds.



Do you have any tips for how to love mornings a little more?  I can use all the help I can get!

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