Welcome to Baby Got Balance!

My name is Morgan and I started Baby Got Balance several years ago, however it was put to the side as I dealt with numerous life changes (for instance, purchasing a home, getting married, finishing my program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, etc).  The decision was then made to focus on rebuilding BGB when the time was right…..and here we are!

When I was younger I never paid much attention to what balance my life needed or focused on how to be happier.  It’s when I got a little older (and a little more mindful) that I realized just how detrimental not having that balance can be.  At that time I made a choice to move forward with purpose and to achieve my balance as best I could.  This is what BGB is all about:  progress over perfection and expanding hearts through experience.

I plan to share my adventures, recipes, failures, hopes and tries on BGB in the hopes that it inspires you to find your own path towards a healthy balance.  No one is perfect (despite what you see on Instagram) and no one is without struggle, me especially.  I’m glad I get to share with you and I hope that you enjoy BGB as much as I enjoy sharing.  Please stay in touch and let me know where your path to balance is taking you!



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